A Quick Me

Since a very young age Architecture and design has always been my burning passion. Whether it be 3D image design or paper models, my creativity always runs wild. My number one competitive advantage is that when working on a project I never get bored. My mind is always running on what changes I can make, and how I can further interpret what the structure or model needs.

Currently I am an architectural student. I’m very knowledgeable of my craft. Fluent in both construction management as well as the design processed needed to attribute to a structure coming to fruition.

In the past I had a focus on computer science and web design throughout high school and my early years in college. I grew bored of debugging code and turned back to my one true passion. Which means I have the capabilities to run websites, administer them, and run background processes such as database maintenance.

I’ve participated in countless art shows through the years, sold art pieces, and have been accepted to any school that I’ve applied to.


Choose Me

I'm dedicated to any project or job that I am apart of, and if chosen to be a part of your team the company's success will be my number one goal.